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  • The HyperTRON team has been hard at work developing our new PvP backbone to onboard our latest PvP games! We will soon be Launching our first PvP game called FLEATS. This is a multiplayer (up to 8 players) game where you go head to head vs your opponent in attempts to take over the galaxy. We will then follow up with the launch of more PvP games including our classics HyperSHOT and HyperSPACE!
  • New Luck Game
    Classic Moon Game Added!
    New Classic Moon Luck game has been added!
    Take a chance in multiplying your TRX bankroll but make sure to cash out before the crash!
  • We have added a brand new Randomized Jackpot! Any user wagering 25 TRX or more per game is eligable to trigger the Jackpot!
    In-Game Bonus's are now available! Compete daily against users to rank supreme and earn some extra TRX!